Celebrating 40 Years of Achievement, Cathy Hughes and Chris Tucker Co-Host Urban One Honors

Words by: Dominique Clark

We come from Kings and Queens…I don’t want another culture interpreting who we are. So what I want to be remembered as is being unapologetically in the black people business” – Cathy Hughes

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Happy 39th Birthday Ray J! [Watch] His New Video for 'Party's Over' Starring Wife Princess and Baby Melody

Coming to you today on Ray J’s 39th Birthday, a sentimental and love-filled music video for the single, “Party’s Over,” lifted from his new EP Emerald City.

The vibrant couple just welcomed their second baby, Epik Ray Norwood, on New Year’s Eve, after a testy time in their marriage last December. With reconciliation at heart, the ‘One Wish‘ artist continues to publicly express his intentions of keeping family first saying in a tribute video, “I love you princess love! And my babygirl melody! I don’t ever wanna lose our time together. I’m sorry for everything. 2020 will be somthing very special.”

The Emerald City EP is available for streaming on all major platforms, including Spotify, Apple Music, and TIDAL, or for purchase on iTunesGoogle Play & Amazon. Follow Ray J on all social media platforms using the handle@RayJ.

Pink Illuminance Top 5: Essentials for the Holidays

Each year the season of giving appears to cycle around faster and faster. This year, we are sloooowing things down to honor the family. Giving and exchanging of love-filled energies is an automatic prerequisite for reconnecting to our loved ones after a full year has flown by.

We’ve sampled some of the most innovating, unique and uplifting ideas to help gift or entertain your family during the holidays this year. Here’s a look at our top five favorites and bonus tips…

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Love & Hip Hop Hollywood's A1 Bentley and Son Go Viral in time for the Holidays, over New Single "2 At A Time"

During the harvest celebration weekend, A1 Bentley broke the internet by releasing his new single, 2 At A Time. The Love & Hip Hop star is infamous for his style, creativity, and for being a musical genius. In A1 fashion, he released a 30 second clip on Instagram of him and his adorable toddler vibing to 2 At A Time, which is also a digital challenge ( #2AtATimeChallenge ) that encourages his fans to upload a video of them vibing out for a chance to win round trip tickets to his video shoot with RIV Entertainment. 

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[Video] Ray J Shuts Rumor Down Saying He Is ‘in talks’ with Donald Trump to pardon Suge Knight

Whether good or bad, Ray J’s name, finances and family have been topic of discussion for news outlets and after last week’s report from the Source Magazine of the 38-year-old Love and Hip Hop star’s projected $200M annual earnings, two days ago, DailyMail stated they had sources tell them he has been lobbying for Trump to pardon rapper and friend Marion ‘Suge’ Knight, who was convicted of manslaughter in 2018. 

Not all news is real…

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[Watch] Tyga Recruits All Star Cast for ‘Mamacita’ video, Featuring Legendary Carlos Santana and YG

Hip Hop mastermind Tyga is bringing new vibes to the Fall with his latest international single, Mamacita. The song features the legendary Carlos Santana and YG. 

Tyga collaborated with longtime content partner, Andrew Listermann of RIVETING ENTERTAINMENT to produce a cinematic visual that captures the true essence of the song, and illustrates  Tyga  pursuing a love interest that ultimately becomes his Mamacita. The visual is co-directed by Arrad of RIVETING ENTERTAINMENT. “From the very beginning, we took a narrative approach for this project and treated it like a film instead of a conventional video. Tyga and YG alone are already an iconic duo, but adding the Hispanic icons Carlos Santana and Danny Trejo into the mix made this the most gratifying experience for me as a director,” said Arrad. 

CEO and Founder of RIVETING Entertainment, Andrew Listermann serves as the executive producer of the Mamacita video. Listermann and Tyga have worked together for over 10 years to create visuals that bring Tyga’s singles to life. “I’m excited for the world to see what we created for the video as we did something different than in the past, we made a real short film music video with just as much acting as performance,” said Founder and CEO of RIVETING Entertainment Andrew Listermann. 

Azia of BET’s ‘Hustle in Brooklyn’ Launches Cosmetics Line, Keeps Enemies At Bay With New Single “Plates With Snakes”

We caught up with Electric Recording artist, singer, songwriter and current cast mate of BET’s new reality show, Hustle In Brooklyn.  Hailing from Brooklyn, Caribbean goddess Azia did not come to play as she adds “Beauty Boss” to her impressive repertoire, with her new cosmetics line to coincide with her fiery new single ‘Plates With Snakes’ warning the fakes to stay at bay!

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Film News: ‘Dear Frank’ Premiere Moves Audience From Shock into Laughter with Dark Comedy

Pink Illuminance covers star-studded LA premiere of Dear Frank starring Brian White, Claudia Jordan, Columbus Short and Torrie Hart.

This past weekend, the cast of Dear Frank, and along with tons of friends and fans, came out in style to celebrate the first screening and premiere of the thrilling dark comedy in red carpet fashion.

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