Trick Daddy Still Loves The Kids and Black Women Too!

I recently chatted with with Maurice Young, aka Trick Daddy before his upcoming appearance on the Legends of Southern Hip Hop tour to be held in Atlanta this weekend and when I tell you, this man is one of the most outspoken, truth-seeking and rawest people on the planet….you wouldn’t believe me!  Based on the allegations of him slandering Black women on Instagram last October, I wanted to get to the bottom of the rumors and cut out the fluff of majority opinion.

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Black Twitter Rails Christina Aguilera’s AMA Performance 

Black Twitter was not here for last night’s whitewashed American Music Awards showcase on ABC, especially not after Christina Aguilera demolished a tribute to our beloved Whitney Houston.

The reviews came in pretty quickly after Aguilera’s first few notes into the “25th Anniversary of The Bodyguard” performance and everyone’s face in the audience showed sheer anxiety including P!nk and Ciara. 

To see the most viral remarks made by Twitter critics and unschooled fans of black culture appropriation, follow the hashtags under #BlackTwitter or #AMAs2017. 

Another despicable subject that kept raising tweets was the downright lack of representation for the black community as a whole. 

For one who’s ignorant to what culture appropriation may look like: it’s having a white woman pay mediocre homage to a deceased legend of the black community meanwhile the entire show had not one black performer until the very end where she not only was being honored for a lifetime of achievement but had to perform in honor of herself…..we love you Diana Ross!
In case you missed it, here’s a snippet of Aguilera’s performance full of flat untuned notes. They were unbearable and quite embarrassing to watch the “I Am Beautiful” songstress belt out. 

Hair, There, Everywhere! Product Review of Deity America

We recently got to sample some awesome products from the all new Deity America hair care line based out of Merrick, New York.  Known for it’s plant-based ingredients, the products (including shampoos, conditioners, shine serums, scalp treatment and even an edge control product) boast Tibetan native herbs that prevent and restore hair loss.

I’m totally conscious of the products I put in my hair especially since I’m currently withchild and can’t afford to ingest any harsh chemicals or by-products.  After one use of the Black Hair Element Washing Fluid Shampoo and the Plant Conditioner for Hair Loss, my hair felt a fresh clean with no overbearing fragrances or oil.  

The aroma was a surprisingly leafy and although I had to get used to the herbal scent during use, it didn’t leave any lingering smell in my hair afterwards.  Of the several other products sampled including the leave-in conditioner, silk serum for after styling shine and the edge control product, I would give the collection as a whole 4 stars.  

With a more coily/curly hair texture, I needed to use more than I’d normally apply to saturate my entire head with both the regular and leave-in conditioners, which seemed to become watery as I worked throughout my hair and scalp.  I can imagine having to purchase a large quantity in order to see the growth results after several weeks of routine use. 

Here’s a before and after from one cycle of wash using each product notes above…

I’d absolutely recommend the product for a thinner textured hair. The only notable disappointment I experienced was the white flaky residue of the edge control which at first application was amazingly smooth, smelled great and held like a gel product. I had to keep putting water on the area throughout the day to dilute the white parts. 

As mentioned earlier, the quality of the entire line comparable to other all natural products on the market is very impressive. My opinions are based solely on the type of hair and experience I had personally and should not be held against another’s as they may vary depending on your hair.  Check out their IG and website to see more reviews and request samples!! 


Throwback: Interviewing Tionna Smalls from “VH1’s What Chili Wants”

In honor of throwback thursdays, I wanted to share my first ever celebrity interview with you all!!  I’m a bit jittery and nervous but I was soooo proud of myself after it was finished.

Just to give you all the preceding events leading up to this amazing feat….I was told to ‘just show up’ to the club where Tionna Smalls and her then client singer Olivia of G-Unit were going to make an appearance.  My friend was the promoter and told me she knew the manager and will ask her to let us interview one of them.

I came dressed in my hottest outfit (in my opinion), a bright orange jumpsuit from Bebe’s with cut-outs on the sides and some very gaudy jewelry to top the bright color! Ha! You couldn’t catch me in such a fit today….smiles!

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1st Look: NBA Awards Live Tonight on TNT

Here’s a 1st look at the awardees and celeb cameos from the inaugural NBA Awards to be televised live this evening on TNT.  Drake hosts alongside a mind-blowing performance from the current Queen of Hip Hop Nikki Minaj.  The 2017 NBA Awards begin tonight on TNT at 9pm ET.

Spoiler….Russell Westbrook brings home the “MVP” after sweeping nominations with “Game Winner Of The Year” and “Best Style” awards.  The Oklahoma City Thunder player beat out Lebron James, Isaiah Thomas, James Harden and Kawhi Leonard of the San Antonio Spurs.

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The Singer Ana: New Star on Radar

I caught up with Best-Selling Author Omar Tyree last week to find that his much anticipated career level-up has commenced with the relaunch of Hot Lava Entertainment executive production of hit records with the first of several releases performed by The Singer Ana, 19 year old break-out artist hailing from Indianapolis, IN.  A life-changing opportunity came in March 2017 while the young songstress was attending Indiana Wesleyan University as a Business major & working at a women’s apparel store….Tyree had innocently responded to her online praise of his work, only to discern an extraordinary talent and begin a songwriting tutorship with Ana-short for Apriana.

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Avery*Sunshine talks going on tour & new album

What a rewarding experience to have been on a call with an artist describes by Ebony Magazine as:

“A true soul singer and distinct voice in R&B, Avery*Sunshine is in a lane of her own with a musical presence that is as relatable as it is mysteriously captivating.” Ebony


Multi-award winning artist Avery*Sunshine, whose loyal fan base includes music icons Aretha Franklin, Baby Face, Teddy Riley, Jazzy Jeff, and Patti LaBelle continues to bring her thunderous, gospel-bred pipes and heart-to-heart content to every song and concert.

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