Single, Successful, Stylish,…Parenting

We single parents may not know hoooooow (Kanye Face) it’s going to get done, but with fire-fueled faith and a cup of my late favorite; venti Smoked Butterscotch Latte from Starbucks, there’s nothing our sometimes chaotic work week can throw our way that we can’t handle!!

Here are a few helpful tid-bits we’ve used in juggling parenting, our careers and following our dreams!

  1. To Do Lists

as simple as it sounds this is the only way to literally remember all the small things and may keep getting missed and be a little overwhelming if not handled sooner than later…which reminds it can wait 😀

  1. Night Before Prep

duh! get your families outfits, homework and daily meals together for smooth sailing each morning

  1. Lunch Time Shopping

this one is contingent upon your scheduling during the day, but if time permits, take you To-Do list on errands you can run while the kids are away at school.

  1. Selfie Time

ladies and gentlemen, this is a MUST after a successfully navigated work/business week…strictly spa treatment or a quick getaway can really amplify the luxury we all deserve after a hard day’s work! This time is also necessary for some good ol TLC with your significant other ♥

See The Ballantyne Hotel’s Spa Pricing for luxury you can afford  & oh soooo deserve!!

When it’s all said and done, we may all come into parenthood with minimal tools and know-how, but for a happy, healthy and abundant lifestyle, we delve in and just keep swimming….in style!

Until next time, slay your parenting and feel & look great doing it

† Leslie Monet & Charde Rene





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