Don’t believe the hype

Emotional overload on social media has catapulted a remarkable amount of individual display of what seems to be idol opinions regarding the country’s backlash on police brutality. After the most recent murders of Philando Castile & Alton Sterling, I’ve realized that propaganda has made its way to the forefront on crisis coverage rather than productivity….in the White House, your house and truth be told, in my own house.

As an American of African genotype, I obviously feel anguished as I watch public display of unfair treatment by government officials to people who look like me!  But instead of only voicing opinion, I ask myself, what can I do to counter this threat?
God has blessed me to use words to inititiate thought, and ultimately action of my peers. So I challenge you, my beloved supporters and readers, to link up with your local organized community group to help!!

Take a look a some of the strategic ways you can support our efforts to make effective political change to bring justice to the brutal killings of innocent US Citizens.

  1. Here in Charlotte, NC, CMPD offers a program that allows citizens to get up close and personal with the department. Citizen’s Academy gives you an opportunity to train as an officer. You can ride with police in any area you want and offer feedback on their performance as well.
  2. Financial Boycott: withdraw from patronizing large corporations (collectively) as a benchmark to show your power in numbers. Follow the hashtag #moveyourmoneychallenge to get more details on which small business and banks to patronize as an alternative.
  3. Give back….literally! Make impact in your own neighborhood by simply volunteering your time to serve less fortunate groups (homeless shelter, youth organization, etc). While this avenue is an indirect driver of political change, it is the foundation of building a safe haven for those nearest to you and will generate positive reinforcement to counteract negative stories that saturate the news!

There are also plenty of civil rights groups nationwide and virally that would benefit tremendously by your donated time and/or support via the web. Look into local NAACP chapters and get moving to make change!

Don’t fall for the hype of only voicing your opinion on Facebook or Twitter and subsequently taking no action. The media’s rhetorical approach will leave you mentally drained yet still sitting on the couch or at your desk “lookin lookin” and not doing anything substantial!!! Do something!

Leslie Monét

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