Pink Interview: Young Beckham talks signing to Def Jam & single “Birthday Chick”

This past Wednesday during a meet and greet for Def Jam Recordings at TCB 5400 Lounge, located at 5400 Nevin Road here in the Queen City of Charlotte, NC, I had the pleasure of meeting Def Jam’s new recording artist Young Beckham or as he is known in Jacksonville, FL, Young Trap. Despite his busy schedule he made time to sit with me to discuss his newest, hottest single “Birthday Chick.”

Young Beckham aka Young Trapp was born in Jacksonville, Florida where is music career begun in his home. I decided to discuss his humble beginnings and what brought him to this point.

Q&A with Young Beckham

Q. Tolson: Good evening how are you today?

A. Young Beckham: I am good, just a hectic schedule but it is all worth it to me.


Q. Tolson: Let’s get started; tell me how your music journey began?

A. Young Beckham: My journey began when I was 12 years old living in Jacksonville, FL. For my birthday my brought me my first tape recorder and then I started writing and recording songs. It was at 14 when she realized I was serious about my music and purchased my first beat maker called a Magic Music Maker and I began making my own beats as wells and laying tracks of music.

Q. Tolson: When did you have your first taste of success or when were you recognized first?

A. Young Beckham:  I released a single early on in my career called “Top of the Line” it took off in the southern markets and that’s when I knew I had to keep grinding to get national recognition.  With this new song “Birthday Chick” being featured on the compilation album “Now that’s what I call Music: 59. It debuted at #5 on Billboard 200 chart.  I am getting a lot more recognition and I am still trying to catch up to the success of the single.

Q. Tolson: What are some of your first’s with this experience?

A. Young: Beckham: As a young man in this business, I have experienced my first plane ride; living in Florida was all I knew. I never had a reason to travel anywhere else. With this new situation, I am able to go places I have never been before. I still haven’t experienced my first snowfall and I am looking forward to that. I am still a baby in this world and I am ready to experience all it has to offer.

Q. Tolson: When can we expect more singles or better yet an album?

A. Young Beckham: The Def Jam is looking at some time next year for the album to drop, but I currently have a mixtape out called Young Beckham 7/14:16 and I release one every year with the same title and the new year. 7/14 symbolizes my birthday so these mixtapes have meaning to me.

A. Tolson: How did you become a part of the Black College Tour?

Q. Young Beckham: With the success of the single “Birthday Chick”, I was able to make the connection through my record company and secure a spot on the tour. It has been wonderful being able to connect with my fans on a more personal and intimate level.

Q. Tolson: What was the concept of “Birthday Chick”?

A. Young Beckham: I was in the club having fun and I started seeing that there were a lot of people celebrating their birthday. I started to notice a lot more women celebrating in the club then men, I came up with the hook and verses in the club, and that is how the song was born. I wanted to create a new birthday anthem.

 Q. Tolson: Who are some of the producers and your team that you have worked with on this single and your mixtape?

A. Young Beckham: My mixtape as well as single was a collaboration between myself and the hot Grammy-nominated producers The Interns, as well as Beast Mode Recordz. It was and always is a pleasure working with them and seeing how they are shaping me as an artist.

Q. Tolson: Is there any artists you would love to work with in the future production or collaboration?

A. Young Beckham: Kanye West is someone I would love to work with. He is the complete package; he can lay the tracks and contribute to the lyrics. I hope to make that happen really soon.

Q. Tolson: What the last thing you want to leave your fans with?
A. Young Beckham: I want them to know that I am turned up but also a laid back artist. I can be high spirited and make music for all ages to enjoy

Q. Tolson: How can your fans keep in touch with you?

A. Young Beckham: On all social media outlets it is Young Beckham and make sure you download my single “Birthday Chick” from all music streaming sites.

Q. Tolson: Thank you for your time and I wish you much success!

A. Young Beckham:  Thank you so much!!

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