Pink Interview with Canadian Pop & Reggae artist Karian Sang

Interview with Karian Sang via Rated Next Radio Network

Written by: Mr Official Whistle

Good day Ms. Sang, speaking of which where did you get your name from and how did you get your start?  

“Iused to be called Lil’ Precious, but as I grew up, I felt that I needed a more mature name so I went with mine, Karian Sang”.

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Exclusive Interview: Lajan Slim of Kayne West’s Label Talks Haitian Roots, Life After Inking A Deal & Voting for Hillary!

By: Nikki M.

Hey Pink Illuminance fans,

I had the pleasure of interviewing Lajan Slim on Tuesday at TCB 5400 Lounge in Charlotte, NC. Lajan is one of the hottest up and coming rapper’s on the East Coast, representing Florida’s Broward County. It wasn’t long into the interview before LAJAN unveiled what all the buzz was about regarding his music. He’s received over 630k views to date from his video release of his hit song ‘Haitians’ on WorldStar this summer.

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