Rated Next: Exclusive Interview with Canadian Pop Star, Karian Sang

Interview with Karian Sang via Rated Next Radio Network

Written by: Mr Official Whistle

Good day Ms. Sang, speaking of which where did you get your name from and how did you get your start?  

“Iused to be called Lil’ Precious, but as I grew up, I felt that I needed a more mature name so I went with mine, Karian Sang”.

We noticed you’re of Caribbean descent, do you think that played a huge role in your success and do you still currently reside in Canada?  Is that what’re you’re from?  Also what would you say was that your biggest challenge breaking in the US market because we know that crossing over into new markets can be difficult?  

“I don’t really think it did. My culture wasn’t always accepted musically. I think persistence plays a huge roll in my career. I was born in Jamaica but I live in Canada. The biggest challenge would be being able to be seen as my worth as an artist and not just another female”.

You’ve worked with quite a few influential producers who do you say you had the strongest chemistry with, also who would you like to collaborate with in the near future?  

“I have the best chemistry with Supreme-Adrian.  I work well with people that allow me to be me. I’d like to collaborate with Skrillex in the future.”

We’ve also noticed that you have a wide variety in taste of music and have been quite successful in dancehall,  reggae,  dance,  hip-hop and R&B yet you choose to label your brand pop speaking of which how do you feel about labels in terms of music?  

“I don’t like labels! I’m an artist so music styles should never label an artist because we create what we feel. I’m a pop artist because pop artists dabble in many genres of music. It’s a way of giving people a clear idea of my music, pop is familiar.”

You’ve also worked with a few artists, are there any plans that we don’t know about? And who would you say was the most fun and easiest to work with?

”I’m sure there’s some that may come out the wood works lol. I guess we’ll have to wait and see, but the artists were all great… I have fun in everything I do!”

You have quite of bit of dancing in your videos where you professionally trained or is that just natural?

“Most of my dance routines are by my choreographer Walter Jean-Mary, but I freestyle a lot because I’m naturally a dancer. I love it it’s my workout.

Being a Canadian artist, what would you say is the biggest difference between the US and overseas?  

“Overseas is more hungry for worldly entertainment because a Jamaican artist may not be well known in the U.S., but they could be huge overseas.”

You’re a jack of all trades, how did you get into acting?  

I asked God for it. I believe if you speak your dreams into existence the universe will respond and grant your wishes”

We are mixtape fans being that my boy was the late great DJ Justo Faison who created the world’s first mixtape award show “THE JUSTOS MIXTAPE AWARDS” #RIP and we’ve noticed you’ve put out 3 so far what impact would you say they’ve had on your success? Also, are there any plans for a new one?

“I feel like a total success….they’ve done what I wanted I feel… I wanted to show a female who was creative could attack any beat or style “kill it”, and was as talented as what was out there, capable of what the greatest were able to do, and clearly fill a lot more than anyone could imagine. A new mixtape is always possible. I make a lot of music just waiting to be heard.”

What’s next for Karian Sang? Last we heard you was in Miami working on a music video, what’s the 411 on that?  

A lot I hope!! I’m working on my music as well as writing with producers for other projects. My music video is in the editing stages. Hopefully, we can have that for you soon.”

Any shouts? 

“Shoutouts to God & every assassin out there killin it. Bigg ups to my team, I love the hard work that’s being put in. Thank you for this dope interview, and to all my supporters. Be sure to check out my music on SoundCloud, YouTube, and iTunes for my single “123”. Follow me on all my social media @KarianSang” nuff luv.XOXO’s”

“Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule we look forward to hearing from you again your mos def  you heard the whistle stay official!” – Mr. Official Whistle

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