Thriving Thirties: Happy Birthday To Me

Today I took a long, thoroughly-prepared-for jump into the next chapter of life as a young black single woman….thirty years of life is finally here.  Movies, pajamas and lots of pizza and wine is all the day consisted of!

Frankly, I dreaded this day! After turning 28 then soon 29, I took a few financially hits including dreadful student loan debt, totalling my first brand new car, all the while singularly raising my now 4 year old twins virtually alone in a location about 700 miles away from family. Before today I felt worn out almost like I failed myself.

The universe must’ve known I needed a birthday that was near the new year. It seems like each passing 365 days, I find new truth about myself and motivation to map out resolution for the upcoming year.

Today was no different! I woke up with so much inspiration; reflecting on my health, my happy family, a new car, a new apartment in my hometown and a new job to keep my lifestyle in tact.

What can I say?? God has been so good to me. It’s so easy to draw a list of all the minute things that you’d change in your life. On this day, I chose to bask in all my blessings! Work hard, yes, that’s my motto, but as I enter my thriving thirties I will taste every breathe, enjoy the shortest of moments with family and pat myself on the back often for NOT allowing life’s inevitable obstacles to deafen my morale towards achieving my dreams.

To my younger self:

Look up, the world is infinitely beautiful. You can find happiness anywhere because it lives within you; not your outfit, education, “friends” or in your bank account.

Happy 30th birthday to me and to God be the glory for NOT looking like what I’ve been through!

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