Candid Cancun…..Viva Mexico!

As a first-timer in Mexico, I’ll be honest, the scares of Zika virus, the current hateful glares (due us Americans from our current president-elect Donald Trump), and the simple fact that I’m a single black AMERICAN woman travelling internationally, this trip had at first given me a waylay of culture shock….

Once I escaped the madness of immigration and airport traffic, the energy calmed and the atypical scenery overtook my nervousness.  Much of the architecture was conducive to the native Mayan culture of the country with resorts and hotels that took on a pyramid, temple or stone building. Nonetheless it was beautiful!



Upon arrival at my destination, at the RIU Cancun,  I was super relieved to see my sisters familiar faces! Checked in, ready to rock and roll!…..the festivities began with a restful lay on the beautiful beach and tropical virgin drinks (since I am currently expecting another child).  The sun was beautiful, water clear and cool; it had been a truly successful retreat to “paradise”.


As you can imagine my most exciting experiences were during the dining hours and leisure activities.  Since my trip was totally sober, I was most enthused to see what delectables I could get my hands on.  The truth is…the food was at most mediocre.  Seeing as though I’m an under-cover foodie, I’m tough critic when it comes to catered food!





The best I could put together

The best part….was breakfast each time and unfortunately the morning after arriving and settling in, I was rudely advised during breakfast that the staff at check-in had failed to provide me with proper resort identification or a wrist-band and to a stunning surprise I’d been escorted out of the cafe in front of God-knows how many other resort guests as if I’d snuck in from across the boarder!

What a horrific way to be treated as a paying guest and not to mention utterly hungered as I’m eating for two!  I was bummed….and not by the beach.  My girls made it all better and after the fiasco was settled (needless to say with much less than a formal apology), we booked a most spectacular VIP speed-boating excursion.  As a first thought, it seemed we had to spend even more after being treated so poorly and fed unappetizing dining, we shouldn’t have felt it necessary to pay more towards an “All-Inclusive” package in order to make it better….but indeed that was a fact.

The truth of the matter is you don’t want to cheat yourself of quality, service and overall amazing experiences by choosing a lesser rated staying place over something higher.  This resort was rated 3.5 stars by Trip Advisor as of June 2017.   It will save you altogether disappointing experiences to do your research first even if you happen to be booking through professional travel companies.


Our stay was a total of 3.5 days and 3 nights, including the time we arrived until departure from the resort.  If it weren’t for the Americanized shopping mall that boasted Fendi, Burberry, Forever 21 and other familiar stores, the off-resort exploring or the pretty amazing company that we kept together, this trip could have very well turned into an unmitigated disaster and waste of good travel time away from our families and workplaces.


Roach in the Hotel!!!

Upon check-out I was met in the bathroom by this creature…..Yikes!!!






The silver-lining was the survival of an epic Memorial Day weekend!  Cheers ladies! And here’s to exploring the world again representing the US as the fabulous creatures of God that we are!  Until next time, peace, love and fully-reviewed-resorts-pre-booking…hahaha!!



Check out my alternatively awesome review of last year’s epic sister’s & cousin’s vacation in  Punta Cana, Dominican Republic at the  here!

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