The Singer Ana: New Star on Radar

I caught up with Best-Selling Author Omar Tyree last week to find that his much anticipated career level-up has commenced with the relaunch of Hot Lava Entertainment executive production of hit records with the first of several releases performed by The Singer Ana, 19 year old break-out artist hailing from Indianapolis, IN.  A life-changing opportunity came in March 2017 while the young songstress was attending Indiana Wesleyan University as a Business major & working at a women’s apparel store….Tyree had innocently responded to her online praise of his work, only to discern an extraordinary talent and begin a songwriting tutorship with Ana-short for Apriana.

“At first, I just read his book Flyy Girl, and hit him up on Twitter to let him know how much I loved it, and he hit me back and asked if I was a performer, singer or actress So I gave him my Instagram page with a few of my song performances on it or whatever, and then he started sending me beats and songs to see what I liked.” – Ana 

Fruition of the first two singles off her looming album Old Soul, set to drop in November, have her hometown supporters and untrodden fans expecting dope vibes and elite lyrical content as Tyree has his fingerprints anchored in the production.

“As soon as I spoke to Ana on our first official phone call, I heard her smoky, soulful speaking voice, and I immediately asked her if people said she had an old soul. And once she confirmed it that was it for me; I had a whole bunch of ideas for her. But the key was for her to accept my ideas.” – Omar Tyree

The highly anticipated first single entitled, “Hit That“, is an entrancing melody with catchy lyrics that’ll take you on a 4 minute ride of the ritualistic virtues of Bob Marley all while having honest fun with your ride-or-fly smoke mates.

Ana promor 2

Quotable lyrics from the single are sure to replay in your mind once you hear this track and if you’re tempted…..go ahead and HIT THAT!

Yo, hit that / Boom Booommm
Then pass that / Boom Booommm
We need to find / Boom Booommm
Who got that / Boom Booommm

I can’t wait to see the visuals for this track and experience the full ambiance of the debut album Old Soul upon it’s release in November. There’s no limit to what is in store for this young beauty who’s sure to steal hearts, sway younger generations all while entertaining us mature listeners with raw lyrics and genuine soul.  I can say she may be the second-coming of the late superstar, Aaliyah Haughton.

Be sure to stay in the know and follow @TheSinger_Ana on Instagram and Twitter for latest music and performances!

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