Trick Daddy Still Loves The Kids and Black Women Too!

I recently chatted with with Maurice Young, aka Trick Daddy before his upcoming appearance on the Legends of Southern Hip Hop tour to be held in Atlanta this weekend and when I tell you, this man is one of the most outspoken, truth-seeking and rawest people on the planet….you wouldn’t believe me!  Based on the allegations of him slandering Black women on Instagram last October, I wanted to get to the bottom of the rumors and cut out the fluff of majority opinion.

Pink Illuminance: In retrospect to the huge controversy of references to “black hoes” on Instagram last October, do you regret the comments made? Was an underlying message that you wanted to send to the black woman that was misinterpreted? How would you address that group of people today as I’m certain many of them are amongst your fanbase?

Trick Daddy“First of all I don’t have to apologize to the black women, because the black women are at work or home cooking and taking care with [their] children but as far as these “hoes” are concerned, they are on their own because God looks out for babies and fools everybody else is own their own hoes included. A lot of women are altering their bodies and when I was growing up women aspired to be teachers and nurses to be wives. Now these “new era women” which we call thots, my thing to them is this: everybody knows that fast little girls turn into slow women and 99% of the women have something to say about what I said didn’t HEAR what I said, they based their comments and opinions what the next person was doing.

Ten or 15 years ago you can identify a girl from Florida, Georgia or South Carolina from their natural hair or booties. Miami girls was bow-legged and identifiable you know what I’m saying. Now 8-10 girls have the same waist, the same thighs, the same ass, the same eye-lashes, the same eye-brows, and the same make-up artist. They’re wearing the same costumes the same shoes, it’s like there’s no type anymore.  I prefer nice slow women. So when I said the Spanish women and white women only need to learn how to fry chicken, they should’ve been the ones who were offended.  But at the end of the day our women don’t know if their looking for love or likes and followers!

Pink Illuminance: “We can obviously see your love for black woman, you have tough love!  As you’ve had an amazingly blessed career and comradery alongside Trina.  I hear there is new music coming this year. What can we expect and when?”

Trick Daddy: “Trina got this thing, the album is going to be interesting because she’s doing half and I’ll be able to create the other half.  So we are going to be playing the good, the bad and the ugly on there so it’s “Beauty and The Beast” at this time.  But remember people always ask me what I want to be known as and I always tell them, I had a wonderful time! That’s all I want you to know! Then they ask me how I keep it real for so long? That part was the easiest thing I’ve ever had to do in my life.

When I did hits with the kids in em nobody gave me credit for it.  When I did Thug Holiday, nobody gave me credit for it.  Now the youth are doing all the killings in Chicago in Florida and New Orleans [people] want another Thug Holiday.  But when I did Thug Holiday, you didn’t understand where I was coming from. So when I named my second album it was confusing to some people.  Now the internet controls everything and they are starting to see that my music has the past the present and it’s about to be the future.”

Interesting enough, the rapper’s passion for his community has led him to his latest venture, a Miami-based restaurant called T Double Delicious featuring “Country Delicacies” including affordable meals appropriately named “The Po Man’s Meal” for less than $4.00 and discounts for high school students when they show their school I.D.’s.   Needless to say Trick has and will always love the kids…and black women too!


If you are in the Atlanta area and need a legendary dose of greatness, go out and support him alongside Scarface, 8 Ball & MJG, Bun B, Mystikal, Juvenile and Pastor Troy on July 29, 2017 at the Wolf Creek Amphitheater.  Doors open at 5 pm and showtime is at 7 pm.  Also be on the lookout for the duet album TNT (Trick and Trina) dropping everywhere on July 28, 2017.


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