Throwback: Interviewing Tionna Smalls from “VH1’s What Chili Wants”

In honor of throwback thursdays, I wanted to share my first ever celebrity interview with you all!!  I’m a bit jittery and nervous but I was soooo proud of myself after it was finished.

Just to give you all the preceding events leading up to this amazing feat….I was told to ‘just show up’ to the club where Tionna Smalls and her then client singer Olivia of G-Unit were going to make an appearance.  My friend was the promoter and told me she knew the manager and will ask her to let us interview one of them.

I came dressed in my hottest outfit (in my opinion), a bright orange jumpsuit from Bebe’s with cut-outs on the sides and some very gaudy jewelry to top the bright color! Ha! You couldn’t catch me in such a fit today….smiles!

Once we were there the Tionna and the crew were having a nice VIP styled time in their private sections and my friend was able to successfully make the soft introduction to her manager which gave me a little relief.  A few drinks and many many songs later, I still hadn’t made any eye contact with either of the targets!

It was now time to go and everyone was drunkenly rushing the exit towards the parking lot.  I still hadn’t had my chance yet! Tionna, Olivia and the manager were already getting into their car and I thought to myself this is it.  Determined NOT to waste my outfit, I caught up to her and asked “Hi Tionna, are you still going to do my interview??”

With a sweet smile she said yes, and it was on!  No scripts, no cue cards, only charisma, some vodka, a little swag and personality….lights, camera, action!  I had one take as they were all waiting in the car for Tionna to finish and head to the next club for the evening.  Once we finished she was so nice, she told me how I did a great job and after realizing this was my first ever celeb interview on camera, she said “Aye, well I’m glad I got to pop your cherry!” 🙂 Check it out below, bloopers and all!


Don’t ever let you’re inner voice stop you from what is supposed to be yours!  You have all you need to accomplish your dreams and even without a plan or script, you can go for what your heart desires and let God handle the rest….whether that be trying out for a team, going on an interview, asking your crush out on a date, or simply showing up somewhere that you KNOW you may not be received with smiles or hugs but it’s your prerogative to be there!

“Doing the best at this moment puts you in the best place for the next moment.” – Oprah Winfrey


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