Hair, There, Everywhere! Product Review of Deity America

We recently got to sample some awesome products from the all new Deity America hair care line based out of Merrick, New York.  Known for it’s plant-based ingredients, the products (including shampoos, conditioners, shine serums, scalp treatment and even an edge control product) boast Tibetan native herbs that prevent and restore hair loss.

I’m totally conscious of the products I put in my hair especially since I’m currently withchild and can’t afford to ingest any harsh chemicals or by-products.  After one use of the Black Hair Element Washing Fluid Shampoo and the Plant Conditioner for Hair Loss, my hair felt a fresh clean with no overbearing fragrances or oil.

The aroma was a surprisingly leafy and although I had to get used to the herbal scent during use, it didn’t leave any lingering smell in my hair afterwards.  Of the several other products sampled including the leave-in conditioner, silk serum for after styling shine and the edge control product, I would give the collection as a whole 4 stars.

With a more coily/curly hair texture, I needed to use more than I’d normally apply to saturate my entire head with both the regular and leave-in conditioners, which seemed to become watery as I worked throughout my hair and scalp.  I can imagine having to purchase a large quantity in order to see the growth results after several weeks of routine use.

Here’s a before and after from one cycle of wash using each product notes above…

I’d absolutely recommend the product for a thinner textured hair. The only notable disappointment I experienced was the white flaky residue of the edge control which at first application was amazingly smooth, smelled great and held like a gel product. I had to keep putting water on the area throughout the day to dilute the white parts.

As mentioned earlier, the quality of the entire line comparable to other all natural products on the market is very impressive. My opinions are based solely on the type of hair and experience I had personally and should not be held against another’s as they may vary depending on your hair.  Check out their IG and website to see more reviews and request samples!!

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