5 Reasons Why You Need To See Taraji P. Henson Kick Ass in ‘Proud Mary’

Sony Screen GemsProud Mary is set to bust down all kinds of doors in the top of 2018 with its drama-filled plot and thrilling lead lady, Taraji P. Henson.  To her die-hard fans, it may seem pretty obvious why you hit the box office to support this film, but in case you needed more emphasis on your exclamation, here’s 5 more reasons:

1 She’s producing and starring in the film.  While this is not her first time attempting to push the envelope by wearing an executive producer hat on top of her beloved actor’s hat, Taraji’s inner-Beyoncé won’t allow the task to go unnoticed by critics.  In a recent interview on the set of her upcoming film, Taraji frankly expressed her disappointment of the lack of acknowledgement after she was outshined in the media by Idris Elba’s producer credit.

“It’s interesting as a woman, because if I were a man, the headlines would have read ‘Taraji P. Henson’s No Good Deed is number one at the box office.’ I was also executive producer on that movie, as a matter of fact, I put that movie together. But I’m not taking away from Idris Elba’s executive credit, because he deserves that. But, why is the headline reading ‘Idris Elba’s’? That hurt my feelings”

2 In 2018, we are going to make like Diddy and celebrate excellence. Not only Black, but also Hispanic, Indian, Asian and White…we’ve probably all experienced diversity in the arts and could bet our last dollar on having really enjoyed a film, or several, made by someone outside of our culture.  Critics are expecting a solid competition in the world of Blockbusters; with films like Ocean’s 8, The Avengers: Infinity War and Aquaman, another Madea, the second comings of The Predator and Scarface, oh and let’s not forget the highly anticipated Black Panther that’s been buzzing throughout 2017, we know Taraji’s more than capable of “bringing it” again to the big screen but the numbers won’t lie in the end.

3 Women empowerment…Period!  When’s the last time you seen an African American female assassin? Let’s see, Lucy Lui slayed heads in Kill Bill but outshined her co-star Vivica Fox when Uma Thurman laid hand on her, terminating her role from any sequels.  Zoey Saldana was bomb in Colombiana but she’s a lovely Latina.  Of course, Angelina Jolie stole the show in 2008’s Wanted.  We’d have to go all the way back to the 70’s era when Blaxploitation actress Pam Grier was regularly giving beat-downs on screen.  Need we say more?

4 Breaking the glass ceiling for other young actors, especially after a year of triumphs with the #MeToo movement empowering the many women and men who were silenced by their higher-ranked colleagues.  Alongside another fun fact, Proud Mary director Babak Najafi is native to Tehran, Iran which could domino positive messaging of our middle-eastern brothers and sisters of to a judgmental American viewer.

5 Taraji P Henson can do no wrong. She’s successfully represented the many layers of the Black Woman in America.  She’s our Yvette (Babyboy), Cookie (Empire), Katherine Johnson (Hidden Figures) and lady boss Lauren in Think Like A Man. A lady assassin is right on time!

Check out the Proud Mary trailer below.


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