Video: “Shout To My Bae Nicki Minaj”, Eminem Shoots His Shot Back to Nicki At Concert in Boston

So when we heard that NickiMinaj was unofficially dating Nas, we jumped out the window and basically hit concrete. But this time we got a trampoline effect! Eminem shoots his shot back to love interest rumors about Nicki during a concert last night in Boston, MA and the crowd was ALL FOR IT.

The rumors caught fire after Nicki spit brow-raising bars on YG’s “Big Bank” track that just released on this past Friday.

Told em I met Slim Shady

Bag the Em

Once he go black

He’ll be back again

The track also features 2 Chains and Big Sean making for a helluva lyrical force. Now, historically we all recall what happened the last time The Rap God was publicly scrutinized for dating a sis…or half-sis…Mariah Carey, which resulted in one of her many Billboard Hot 100 top ten singles, “Obsessed”.

If there’s one hung we can expect from this hot couple combo, it’s to be highly entertained with quality work from the games hottest lyricists. We 👏 are 👏 here 👏 for 👏 this! Here’s the video of Eminem confessing his crush on Nicki below.


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