Where My Girls At? 90’s R&B Trio 702 Dishes The Good and Bad on Tonight’s UNSUNG Episode

Hailing from Las Vegas, Nevada, ‘702’ rang in a new era of the girl-group trend with their debut of This Little Game We Play featuring a fourth member and their label mates ‘Subway’.

A year later, under the direction of super-producer Missy Misdemeanor Elliot, the group hit Gold status with the 1996 hip-hop infused hit record Steelo. Fans fell in love with the spicy trio reminiscing of their predecessors TLC and women across the globe were in tranced by the follow up hit Where My Girls At?, an ode to women’s empowerment against the antagonist mistress in their personal love stories.

What the cameras didn’t catch was the groups dirty laundry. Infighting set in and turmoil wrought a bitter end to the groups run in 2003. Nonetheless, their music brought together bands of women and produced classic 90’s feel-good music that this era has used as a blueprint.

Take a first look at the blood, sweat and tears that blueprinted the female band we grew to cherish in the trailer below:

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