Afro-Latina Uses Her Disability to Inspire Girls with Her Dolls and TV Network

Born in Panama City, multi-faceted entrepreneur Kimberly Jesicka, prevailed over her multiple learning disabilities, and having been an orphan, to become a global sensation in children’s entertainment.

For Kimberly, the list triumphs seems to be ever-growing.  After surviving live as an orphan, she reunited with her mother and came to the United States seeking refuge and an level playing field towards reaching her dreams. Like so many others who migrate internationally, language is the first of several adjustments needed to fully transition into a new culture. To top off the obvious challenges, Kimberly also suffered from a host of learning disabilities including developmental delay, partial dyslexia and developmental ophthalmology.  These obstacles can paint a grim future for many, but for Kimberly, they fueled a greater accomplishment every time she crossed a finish line.

After a nine year career as special education teacher, Kimberly went on to obtain her Master’s degree in 2004 and dabbled in the media business having bylines and photography credits in the likes of Vogue Italia, HuffPost, Elite Daily and Marie Claire Espana.  The duality of her native Spanish culture along with her newfound American culture, added a super-combination of intelligence and determination for success.  After exploring several industries and continuing her education – even to date as she pursues a second Master’s as a Physicians Assistant – Kimberly cultivated an advocacy narrative for young girls with similar disabilities as her own.

Kimberly has developed curriculums for children’s programming leading into her taking a leap of faith to write, direct and finance a bilingual animated streaming TV network , Kidpire TV, a first of its kind.  To top it off, Kimberly has produced a line of dolls and clothing (Kimberlicou Kouture), children’s books, and a non profit organization ALL inspired by her astounding story.

This young woman is representing Girl Power to the tenth degree.  Reaching over 28 million homes with her streaming network, Kimberly plans to take her story global impacting generations of children and girls who may be exposed to life with a disability.  Be sure to follow her movement by subscribing at Kidpire Network and connecting via her Instagram page.  Here’s a taste of the cool series fit for a princess.

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