Jemele Hill On Leaving ESPN: “We Had A Very Amicable Parting”

It’s been a year since the controversial tweet, made by award-winning journalist and sports anchor Jemele Hill, brought heat to the sports broadcasting world when President Trump and she went toe-to-toe on the topic of the NFL Player’s boycotting the national anthem.

The good news is the storm seems to be finally over as Hill accepted a staff position with The Atlantic.  The magazine’s editor announced with enthusiasm today that Hill will be joining their team tweeting, “I’m very pleased to announce that the great is joining as a staff writer. She’ll be covering the intersection of sports, race, politics, gender, and culture for us. Welcome, Jemele.”

Although Hill had two years remaining in her contract with the Disney-owned network ESPN, both parties agreed to officially part ways on September 14th. According to the Hollywood Reporter, the buyout for her contract was in the realms of $5 million and will be paid incrementally throughout the rest of 2018 and 2019.   In the interview Hill refers to the mutually beneficial separation stating:

“Looking at it from their viewpoint, of course, it would be easier not having me around. I don’t even take it personally. But the truth of the matter is that part of the reason they have been swimming endlessly in this narrative that they’re too political is because of me. It’s a dumb narrative, and I knew that my presence contributed to it.” – Jemele Hill

With the pen at her side, Jemele Hill can’t stop and won’t stop.  The Detroit native seems to have walked through the fire to come out gold having secured the bag with another reputable employer in the industry alongside her nudging into the entertainment world as the narrator for Lebron James’ docu-series Shut Up and Dribble, slated to premiere next month on Showtime.

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