Conspiracy Points To New Music from Beyonce and Kelly Rowland

Instagram has been going bananas since a mysterious account by the name of “Rose IV You” has popped onto the scene this week, posting inconspicuous black-and-white photos of a rose and snippets of Beyonce casually dropping a few riffs then adding a teasing chuckle at the end.

Queen Bey has groomed her fans for hysteria before dropping new music on a random day or in the middle of the night as she did with her Grammy-nominated Lemonade album. Beyhive conspirators sounded off in the comments of the page’s posts with fervor asking “what is going on?” and pleading for confirmation of the Destiny’s Child veteran member’s collab. Fans have also pointed to the fact that the page only follows Beyonce, Kelly Rowland, Tidal and just added Nicki Minaj and Netflix to their muses as of late.

Adding to the craze, Kelly Rowland posted a video of herself dolled up last week singing lyrics that referenced ‘…rose petals at my feet’. This comes as no surprise though. We all know how hard Bey, and Kelly for that matter, work and if you don’t, think back to when she told hubby Jay-Z in her adage Sorry, scolding him for infidelity, to “Stop interrupting my grinding!”. While these are all speculative points, Beyonce wasn’t built in a day and certainly not by chance of several connecting occurrences. Don’t blink or you may miss the one semi-reunion/collaboration we’ve been waiting on for years.


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