Top 5 Skincare Must-Haves Before Winter

By: Charde Rene

Fall and winter colors are to live for but you shouldn’t feel like you have to sacrifice supple skin to endure the elements and get outdoors. Skincare is important for the winter/fall because the weather is dry and brittle it’s not providing any moisture to your skin like it does in the summertime.

Here are some skin care tips to keep your skin moisturizer and winterized.

1. Micellar water @garnier $7

2. Advanced night repair serum @esteelauder $45

3. DDML Dramatically different moisturizing lotion (it also comes in different formulas for skin types) @clinique $24

4. Baby Lips @maybelline $3

5. Drink LOTS WATER! Shoot for a gallon a day but don’t kill your self out about it just drink as much as possible. FREE

The harsh air and its pollutants cause your skin to be dry resulting in flaking, itching and dryness on your skin. The best way to combat the cold air is to add layers of protection to your skin as you would add to your body in the cold weather. These items provide that protection that you need to keep your face flawless for your everyday look or even helps give your makeup a solid base.

With the sudden weather change, us ladies have to switch up our skin care regimen to withstand the autumn breeze and protect it throughout the winter.

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