Pink Interview: This Melanated Female Cannabis CEO Focuses On Her Patients First

Tell us about yourself. Who is Aja Fonseca-Arnold?


I’m a mother, an entrepreneur, an advocate for change, and a vessel for healing. Why did you begin to work in the cannabis industry?

Why did you begin to work in the cannabis industry?

I never sought out cannabis, or the cannabis industry. Cannabis found, healed me, and the community enveloped me. The moment I realized that cannabis, not only eased my pain, but contributed to my over all healing, I had to say something. To anyone who would hear me. I became an advocate for safe access, equality, inclusion, and affordability. Cannabis and its magical healing properties, lead me down a rabbit hole of healing, and I began formulating remedies, that I will undoubtedly craft for all my days. 

What is the biggest challenge with the work you do?

The biggest challenges I’ve face in the work the I do, is that though cannabis is considered legal on a State level, depending on what state you reside in, anyone involved is still technically committing a Federal offense. This fact, creates mountains to climb on every possible workday. 

Why is the work you do important?

I consider wellness important. I believe healing is personal, and that our education, and options should be limitless. I feel strongly, that the work I do creates avenues, and provides information, for those searching for alternatives. 

What do you hope for the future for other women in the industry?

My hope is that the women in this community will continue to both follow and lead each other into this magnificent space we’re building, with all the sisterhood and support we can possibly manifest. It’s tough for us out here. But, we’re tougher. We are innovative, and unstoppable. My hope is that we can lean on each other, and change the scope, of what would be, if not for a woman’s touch.

Why do you love what you do and what keeps you motivated?

Ah! I love this work, because it goes against the grain. I love it because its challenging. I love it, because of the patients- the young ones, the old ones, the souls who are about to transition- they’re all great teachers to me, and they are my motivation. These beautiful people, in the midst of their healing, have taught me life changing lessons, about gratitude, and strength, that I would have never learned in any classroom. So- for me, its the audacity of a person to choose their own comfort and care. Its the bravery we all must have- to wake up and work, or heal in a space, that could cost us so dearly. Its beautiful, and, its unpredictable- and I wouldn’t have it any other way.


Aja Fonseca- Arnold, has recently launched Liv Collectiv Delivery Service, a cannabis-based business. The Liv Collectiv brand has its very own brand “Liv”, hemp derived CBD topicals, tinctures, and medicinal remedies.  Liv Collectiv has previously crafted top-notch products via white labeling services for other brands in the cannabis industry. 

Under her direction the Liv brand has sourced organic ingredients of the best quality to benefit their customers by promoting awareness, natural alternatives, and providing consistency in the quality of service and products. Experience The Liv Brand at  “Liv. Well. Aware.”

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