Pink Interview: BET’s The Next Big Thing’s Niyala Hedge “Lovee”, Woman DJ and Chef

Pink Illuminance interviews DJ Lovee, 24-year-old Ohioan  Female DJ, Artist, Producer,
Chef, and Entrepreneur from BET’s The Next Big Thing.


First off, as a young woman of many trades, what title or name do you prefer to go by?
I prefer to go just by Lovee. Some people know me as Chef Lovee, some know me as DJ LuvaLuva, but most people who really know me just call me Lovee (pronounced like “love”).  
You are so young and gifted, how would you describe your expedited journey to television?
 At a very early age, I started as a battle rapper while growing up in Cleveland, OH. I eventually started performing and tried working with several different managers who all had a different vision for where they thought I should go. I did not have money or tools at the time to fully do what I wanted, so I decided to leave the state and take a different path. At 18, I moved from Cleveland, OH to Virginia Beach, VA and started to engineer at a popular recording studio in the area. That’s also when I started Full Sail University for Audio Production. During that time, I still occasionally did shows, but mainly focused on the engineering and producing aspect so I could make the music I wanted to make. I started to engineer and produce for other artists, and it was then where I knew that was what I truly wanted to do. Someone I knew tagged me in a post about the show when they were first doing auditions. I didn’t think much of it, but because it was about artist development and that truly interested me, I tried my shot and auditioned. Then I was accepted, and it went from there.  
For those who haven’t seen BET’s The Next Big Thing, what can we expect throughout the season without spoiling the end?
You can expect to see us go through a series of challenges that test our knowledge of the music industry, our business acumen and the ability to foster a team dynamic. But most importantly, you get to see the music and what it takes to work behind the scenes with some major music industry heavy hitters such as Dame Dash, Zaytoven, Tina Davis, Lil Kim, Joe Budden and more. 
Some say Kayne taught them…who taught DJ LuvaLuva?
Some of my influences are Dr. Dre, Jay-Z and Diddy.  Each one has taught me different things that I feel are very valuable for who I want to become.  I don’t want to just be an artist, but I do want to release my own music when I want because I want to own and operate several different businesses in the entertainment industry, in addition to food and eventually sports management.  I want to be a well-known female hip-hop mogul in the music and entertainment industry.
Do you enjoy dj-ing more than cooking or vice versa?
Honestly, I think it’s mainly about how I’m feeling. What I like more than anything is the freedom that comes with both. I’m a true creator at heart and I just love to create overall. Whether I’m mixing ingredients or mixing music, I love the artistry behind the two. It’s almost like science to me, which is also something I’m really interested in. Audio engineering has a lot to do with frequencies and essentially physics. I don’t like to be constricted to one box or one bubble. I’m not sure if it’s because I’m a water sign, but I really do love to go with the flow and some days I want to dive in music more than anything, some days I just want to cook lol. 
What are you plans for the upcoming year?
 I am currently working on building my entertainment company iLovee Entertainment. I want to work with all kinds of different creatives, whether they are performing artist, painters, dancers, or actors, etc. Through different packages like Brand Clarity & Management and Artist Motivation and Support, I want to pass along all the lessons, resources, and tools that I’ve learned during my journey of becoming an artist and working with some of the greats in artist development. My business experience with my catering company MixingMama, really taught me a lot about branding, marketing, and targeted audiences. I want to use everything I’ve learned, and help others. 
Hindsight is always 20/20.  What can you share to help someone who may be gifted with similar musical talent and tremendous passion for the kitchen on pursuing their purpose?
The biggest piece of advice I can give, is to stay FOCUSED. Personally, there are soooo many things that I want to do and accomplish that I had to learn the hard way, it’s hard to sit between two chairs. I am a strong believer in doing the things you love because you love them, and not just following the money. But, it’s also important to remember that money chases value. The person working 90% towards the goal will get there a lot quicker than the person working 50%. Hustle beats talent when talent doesn’t hustle. We only have so many hours in the day, and multi-tasking actually isn’t as effective as some people think. I think that it is important to master one craft before trying to pursue another. While it is totally possible to do build multiple streams at once, I think when you truly focus on one thing, you will be able to grow a lot quicker and become more valuable. Then you will be able to have the time and resources to focus on the next thing. Another one of my role models has over 400 businesses. He did not try to start all those businesses at once, but he 
mastered one with relentless consistency, focus, and determination, and soon he was able to train, hire, and delegate tasks to other people so that business could operate and he could do more and more of the things he really wanted. So stay consistent, work hard, and FOCUS. 

Tune in tomorrow night to catch Lovee on BET’s The Next Big Thing, airing every Tuesday at 10/9 central.  Be sure to link up on Instagram @ilovee.ent  and Facebook

@ilovee_ent   and visit for catering entertainment inquiries nationwide.

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