Azia of BET’s ‘Hustle in Brooklyn’ Launches Cosmetics Line, Keeps Enemies At Bay With New Single “Plates With Snakes”

We caught up with Electric Recording artist, singer, songwriter and current cast mate of BET’s new reality show, Hustle In Brooklyn.  Hailing from Brooklyn, Caribbean goddess Azia did not come to play as she adds “Beauty Boss” to her impressive repertoire, with her new cosmetics line to coincide with her fiery new single ‘Plates With Snakes’ warning the fakes to stay at bay!

Stealing the hearts of many around the world, Azia Toussaint, quickly gained fans-and foes-when she appeared on our television screens last October when the show debuted. Her spicy, island-spitfire personality set the precedence for only truth, purpose and strength- epitomized by the 21 year old bombshell.

As if that’s not enough to separate the star from the rest of the pack, Azia recently launched Brownies Couture, a cosmetics line ready to sit at the table with Fenty, that boasts seven multipurpose stains and glosses. After years of searching for the right shade of nude for her brown sun kissed complexion, it was offensive to know that women of color take the lead in a consumer perspective in such an impactful industry, yet still have to mix shades and brands for the perfect match from foundation to lip gloss.


Brownies Couture was created to fill the void in the lack of nude shades that cater to the melanated population. However, the line is versatile enough to apply to every skin complexion with its unique blends of colors fitting the multitude of natural hues.

“Each shade was made to feel lightweight, even as they deliver buildable coverage that
effortlessly layers, to ‘ultimately give you a couture vibe,” says Azia. Loyal followers and clients who have had the pleasure of testing the product tout its heavenly makeup, “Brownies Couture is like perfume and make up for your lips. Not only does it feel good, it smells good. It’s incredible,” claims Fashion Designer Rocky Boston.

Each Brownies Couture product is formulated with its own key ingredient complex that has been encapsulated in the brand’s authentic signature of nudes, which blends with each users’ pheromones to produce an exclusive long-lasting beauty experience. The “wow factor” that the line promises to deliver in its shades is only superseded by the product’s multiuse components that allows the lip butter or glosses to be used on your lips, cheeks and eyelids.

Azia has been cited in the industry as a true visionary and mogul in the making. In the beauty and cosmetics arena where everything is similar and comparable to the next, Brownies Couture by Azia breaks all the rules! Azia proudly pays homage to her Haitian and Trinidadian roots continuing to prove that the “Hustle doesn’t stop there.”

In case you missed it, here’s Azia’s hot visuals to set off the new single.

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