Op-Ed: Kimberly Y. Bennett, Trademark and Business Attorney, talks building Legacies that last generations to come

In the midst of uncertain times, forced distancing, and unimaginable loss – – we can still build. 

Build….Relationships that matter, experiences that fuel of desires, Businesses that fund our impact, and Legacies that last for generations to come.

Legacies are designed. They are intentional. They come from a clear vision of the impact you want to leave on this world – whether that’s personal, professional, or political. 

So, in times like this, I ask – – what will be your legacy? 

How can you spend your time to design your experiences, foster your relationships, and grow your businesses to be bigger, bolder and braver  – – despite what’s happening in our world…

The answer, I propose, is to look within – – and build with your family.

Imagine the impact you can create when you bring your family together, with all of the knowledge you have, the experiences you’ve endured, and the resilience you have developed to build something bigger than what you and your family members can do alone. 

You have untapped resources within your family structure. It’s time to activate them. Business is the fuel to your greater impact. Business is the fuel to your family’s legacy. 

Take my mother, Juanita Sherwood, for example. As our Matriarch, she has taken the reigns of a real estate business that’s been in our family for years. Alongside her brother, Raymond, she has refreshed the vision, goals and trajectory of the company that will fortify our legacy and will last for generations to come!

So – – still in the Spirit of Mother’s Day, consider starting a business together! Yes, even now, when some businesses are not operating, you and your loved ones can design a business that people will need. Get creative, be curious, and leverage the genius that exists within your family to create the unimaginable! 

Will it be easy? Maybe not. But, it also may not be as hard, especially if you make brainstorming and creating a fun family affair. What we do know is right now you have time to create – – to go big and bold and to design a legacy that will last forever.

Business creation starts with one idea.

You have the time to brainstorm. 

It’s time to make it happen.

KIMBERLY Y. BENNETT Trademark and Business Attorney and Legal Industry Disruptor


Kimberly Bennett is an innovative trademark and business attorney who is the founder of K. Bennett Law, LLC (KBL), a trailblazing boutique firm of modern legal services. She is a disruptor to the industry as a pioneer in subscription legal services for small businesses who seek to protect their brands and grow profitable, sustainable, 7-figure organizations. Kimberly is also a sought after speaker and is the co-organizer of two legal tech communities: Atlanta Legal Tech and Atlanta Legal Hackers.

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