Abby Jasmine Who Cares? Album Cover

5 Things You Need To Know About NY Rap/Pop Sensation ABBY JASMINE

This week, we got a dope opportunity to virtually “kick it” with the adorable and incredibly talented Abby Jasmine, only days after the Deluxe Version of her fourth studio project, Who Cares? dropped for the world to vibe out to. We compiled some really cool facts Abby opened up about and compiled five things you need to know to really dig into the young woman behind the fly music.

At only twenty-two, the` New York republic rapper has garnered mass notoriety of Her blossoming Pop career as a 5-foot Gemini with a chip on Her Staten Island shoulder. When it comes to upholding Her authentic personality against a currently male-dominated music industry, this feisty female lyricist has something to prove and has done it better with each new project She has released since the successes of Trap Mom (2018) and 2019’s Abnormal and I Hate You All follow-up EP’s. While Jasmine may be smaller in stature, Her stage presence, studio aura and especially the latest EP falls nothing short of a veteran lyricist, gender unaccounted for.

Abby Jasmine

Here are five things you probably didn’t know about the viral singing sensation and would enjoy as the world gets to dig deeper into this incredible young woman’s mega creative mind.

1. Abby Jasmine is a bonafide painter! During our virtual press conference, She was asked about creative inspiration outside of the studio and was ecstatic to showcase Her latest freestyle art – a true gift to the entire group who got to witness purity of a an artist’s vulnerability in action and it was actually quite the likelihood of any chic, contemporary inspired canvas.

2. Speaking on art, Abby Jasmine’s captivating Who Cares? Deluxe’s coverart definitely pretenses the album’s ‘unbothered’ energy. Jasmine expressed how the photoshoot for the project was a blur as they took tons of photos however the winning shot ended up being one that she was rolling her eyes and it captured the theme of the EP – being how the lavish luxuries of life simply don’t phase Jasmine although She really enjoys them nonetheless!

3. Her Team keeps Abby grounded. When discussing how important Her aesthetic is, Jasmine gave big props to the team she has because “I’m 22, I go through phases. I wake up one day and I want to do one [thing] and wakes up another day and wants to do something different”.

4. Favorite Food? Mac-and-Cheese Her Please! Abby exclaimed that the comfort dish is definitely Her favorite to make although she’s dropped the Old Bay ingredient since displaying her skills in an online video not too long ago. Oxtails are also on Jasmines’ ‘must-have’ foodie list.

5. Gamers get in line – Jasmine loves to play video and board games alike. She even challenged the entire group to a show-out of Monopoly playfully declaring that “I could see anybody in this room”, to replies of laughter and rebutted challenges.

Abby Jasmine

Overall, the super fun and raw rapper wants to see women in the industry convert to automatically co-signing and being supportive of one another, more often than not, instead of relying on their male-counterparts to do so in hopes of getting an unnecessary stamp of approval to fit in.

I don’t see a lot of women cosign. We need to stick together. We need to cosign each other.

Abby Jasmine, Geffen/Cinematic Music Group
Abby Jasmine’s Who Cares? Deluxe EP Tracklist

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