[Watch] “Traveling Man” Yasiin Bey, Resurface in Rare Form During 2021 Louis Vuitton Men’s Showcase

A couple of cycles (or weeks) ago, Our Beloved Brother Yasiin Bey was tapped to star in Virgil Abloh’s virtual presentation of his 2021 Louis Vuitton Men’s Show. The American, Off-White clothing designer struck gold with Bey as a star performer especially after Bey only having resurfaced a ten year drought. Back in April 2019, Brother yasiin bey, known on stage to most as Mos Def, presented his evolved form with completely new type of ‘traveling sound’ album in rare form which fans could consume only in person during its live exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum.

During early 2019, Bey announced that the private album, Negus, would be available only in person only, as it didn’t receive a digital or physical release, according to his personal preference for the work of art. Negus, coined a ‘sound installation’ by Bey, is a compilation of music recorded during a stay in London in 2015. In an interview with HighSnobiety, Bey states:

“It’s been 10 years since my last album, but I’ve been active in that time. I’ve never felt a lack of inspiration. I do like to take my time, but time is relative – when people expect it and when it’s the right time are two very different [things]. Even if some people are banging on the table asking for more bread, it’ll be fine. I’m just back in the kitchen cooking up some new flavors.”

Bey has proven true to the ‘’Travellin’ Man” moniker of his nomadic lifestyle having lived in Paris, Cape Town, Dubai, and now Barcelona. Bey attributes his world citizenship to the needs of the People saying,

“I live on Spaceship Earth; I go where I feel I’m needed.”

yasiin bey

Bey attributed the inspiring spark to one of His nomadic sessions, while moving through space and time near London in 2015, being introduced to producers Lord Tusk, Steven Julien, and Acyde. “We clicked and immediately started recording,” Bey tells us. “It was pretty seamless. I love how the content inspired me to produce this exhibition.

Everything in time is on time, so true fans couldn’t hold the unicorn lyricist accountable for the time He took to cultivate a genuine masterpiece album. A worldwide artist knows no bounds and this time Bey has done again what we yearn for with his five minute long soul-touching performance for the Top fashion empire, partnering with Virgil Abloh, on the fashion forward menswear collection properly entitled “E B O N I C S”, which broadcasted during a livestream event in YouTube in January 2021.

Watch the full electrifying performance here:

Without intention to slow down, regardless of the enticements of the public narrative, Bey continues to go where the People and love require him as He continues his touring of France, The Netherlands and Norway this year.

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