Venus Rules Beauty, Luxury and Women Who Will Make Great Wives

Feliz Viernes mi familia! It’s quite obvious that Venus rules over Friday simply based on her Spanish “spelling”. However, she also governs over all things dealing with love, romance, beauty, aesthetics, value/money/financial matters, fine foods and luxurious experiences.

Venusian Alchemy

People with strong planetary influence from Libra, Taurus, and/or anything happening within their 2nd house, will see these themes activated much stronger and frequent than other people.

Those without strong Venusian influence, could alchemize her energy, by application of the alchemical metals copper or brass. Rituals using any colors in between sky blue through lemon yellow and the mixture thereof – green, would bring forth strong Venus vibrations.

Venus also rules a plethora of herbs and vegetation like apples, cloves, and mint to name a few. So one could drink mint tea on a Friday. Also, employing Rose quartz or Emerald you could strengthen Her manifestations in your life.

What Venus Indicates for Men and Women

Overall, the colloquialism “Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus” is true in nature. What needs to be clarified is that Venus, and all other planets, are present in everyone’s chart regardless of gender.

For men, Venus placements in their natal charts can indicate what their ideal female life partner, or partners, will embody. For example if a man has a Libran Venus placement in the first house, his ideal wife would have an alpha-woman frequency and still carry herself with the utmost femininity. She’s a boss woman however has diplomatic mastery and can command the room with her smile and gentle poise.

For women, Venus placements can indicate how they relate to other women in their everyday lives or more prevalently, how they express their romance or erotic love for their man. So, a woman who was born with Venus in Virgo (a Mercurial planet) in the 4th house, for instance, would express beauty, arts, and love with heavy service orientation to her home life. In essence if she was matched with a man who had similar Venus placements or even strong 6th house influences, he would fall in love with the her attention to detail and passion for organizing her home and how seamlessly she handles everyday tasks to assist him in his routine.

Without regard to gender relations, Venus in all our charts will manifest herself primarily in what we value and essentially how much we’d spend to satisfy that need or want. Whether it’s how often we take a spa day or book barber appointments, which restaurants are a must every so often or how much we’d spend on furniture versus clothes, Venus will determine exactly how these things come alive for each of us.

If you have questions about how to interpret your own chart, We can assist you. Shoot us an email with “Horoscopes” in the subject line to:

Enjoy your Venus day!

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