Big Boi and His Love For Animals According to the Stars

One of the coolest Aquarius’ known to the hip-hop culture celebrates his 48th cycle around the Sun today. Big Boi, born Antwan André Patton Sr in Savannah Georgia, has always had an affinity for animals and as of late has been adding more exotic species to his pet family.

If you’re a fan of the multifaceted artist, you’ll know that he is an avid animal lover. Throughout his Instagram feed there are old school and new captures of Big Boi parlaying with his animal companions. As a registered Pitbull and French Bulldog-breeder, his passion for dogs led to the creation of “The Ritz-Carlton for Dog”, a 40-acre ranch outside of Atlanta.

From, baby goats to dogs and most recently owls, the animal-loving rapper has been known for his special abilities to bond with animals of all species. In a 2019 interview with Rolling Stonel, Big Boi expressed his appreciation of owls’ mystical “wisdom” and while they require a massive habitual area, they can survive in captivity for up to 70 years. From an astrological standpoint this is precisely indicative of Big Boi’s Jupiter in Pisces which represents mystical and captivating energy.

Astrological Perspective:

While the 6th House in a person’s chart can show their relationship with pets, without a birth time Big Boi’s 6th house analysis will not be accurate so we will take a closer look at his natal Jupiter, which also rules over domestic pets, because this planet moves much slower and will remain in the same sign for the period of his solar return.

What we can assume:

Per the Nicholas DeVore, author of the Encyclopedia of Astrology, Big Boi’s natal Jupiter at 19 degrees Pisces embodies the energy of the second decan is: “Self-sacrifice, lives hemmed around by restrictions, often voluntarily assumed, as the price exacted by the world for the sake of assisting in its progress; gets most from life through alleviating the distress of others.”

As animal parent to four Owls, appropriately named Hootie Hoo, Houdini, Simon and the “chillest” one Tula, the rapper’s dedication aligns with the Piscean spirit of self-sacrifice. He has obtained an owl license in order to add on a fulfilling habitat for the owls onto his 40-acre ranch.


Remember that astrology is not compelling; meaning it will not overcome a person’s free-will. However when one is favored by the universe and is one with their own nature, they will find ways to manifest their true desires and Big Boi among most other successful people have been afforded the opportunities to realize their dreams.

“Man know thyself” is a perfect aphorism for knowing their natal instincts by familiarizing themselves with the star placements at the time they arrived on the planet.

Sources: Instagram, Rolling Stone, Encyclopedia of Astrology by Nicholas DeVore

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