Foolproof Horoscopes for the Full Moon In Leo

When it comes to this full moon in Leo, “profundity” is the word to describe the potential energy of next thirty days. Especially if the previous month fell short of your expectations. This full moon in Leo is the prime opportunity to ride the wave of your “new year — new me” motto and be the star of your own show.

Here are the horoscopes for all signs with actionable guidance from the stars! Be sure to read the horoscopes for your Sun, Moon and Rising signs for a more specific view.

Aries: As your energy levels up, you would be wise to avoid emotional reactions to the things people say or do online. Rather focus on spending the next few days organizing your schedule for optimum results throughout February. Specifically, declutter and downsize your emails, social media and Rolodex — make room for upgraded collaborations that you spearhead to bring forth your bright ideas.

Taurus: This is the time to do your favorite thing…relax! Resting may actually be second to indulging in the finer things in life, for you Taurus. Nevertheless, take this time to upgrade your hard drive. Recenter by getting in touch with nature. Ritualize self care by taking a a walk in the park, putting your feet on the soil or if it too cold, honor Mother Nature at the nearest tree, all this followed by a comforting Sunday dinner and sealing your intentions with a spiritually focused bath. Love-making with the intent to heal and manifest could be the cherry on top and a perfect way to harness this Leo full moon magic.

Gemini: This moon is activating you into full gear so be cautious as you take charge of your life. Try not to trample over other’s feelings but still get your point across with integrity. It’s prime time for you now and the paparazzi are pointing in your direction. Put all the research into action over the next few days. Go-live or post your results online to share foolproof insights with your followers. They are looking for you to lead now so step into the light during this Leo full moon.

Cancer: Double down on the circle of finances within your family. This moon can open doors for everyone to play their part in the family’s business by way of investing in one another and returning the favor when the ROI comes around. Family banking is a great way to make your dreams come alive however the family must trust you before they will be on board. Take center stage and illustrate exactly how the plan will look from A-Z. Be firm and clear with your loved ones and they will yield to your prowess.

Leo: It is alright to share your feelings with the world during this moon. Use the power of your heart to inspire others to be themselves. You are shining Leo and your loved ones appreciate your bravery. If you are a blogger, then write a piece that is in letter form to your younger self. Forgive, release and flourish now. The lighter you feel inside the more you can fly.

Virgo: Make the most of this time by getting in touch with your inner-child. Take your little ones out and treat them to ice cream or a trip to the museum. You enjoy seeing other happy and this full moon is encouraging you to do the same for yourself. Recharge your batteries by playing in the sand or your favorite video game. It’s time for some fun Virgo and the sun is shining on you so smile and allow your heart to feel joy without overwhelming it with the mundane things.

Libra: Have you had fun this year? If not, use this energy to play a little. You love being the mediator and now your social circle is making way for you to become the master of ceremonies. Delight in your ability to balance the energy in the room and put on your Sunday’s best to really move the masses at you will. Even if there’s no where to go, get dressed trim your beard, put the lashes on and take a photos to post on your social networks. Show the world you still got it and manifest your tribe who will receive and reciprocate your positivity.

Scorpio: Take it easy during this full moon. Be careful with your health and intentional with your diet. This is the perfect time to direct your energy towards service to your customers, community or family. It makes you feel better to share your testimony and how you have been able to gain invaluable insight on breaking generational curses. While you may be tempted to go full throttle with your emotions by texting your ex or having one night of inhibited behavior, do just the opposite and use this full moon to transmute your past trauma into wisdom to heal yourself and others.

Sagittarius: This moon charges up your benevolent spirit in the face of social pressure. Where the current society emasculates the melanated man, you are able to oversee the narrative and make people see the karmic effect of their thought patterns. Instead of spreading condemnation, you can create a safe place for women to atone and harmonize with your position on the status of matrimonial affairs. If you want to honor the legacy of Kevin Samuels, now is the time to make your mark and gain a trusted reputation in the arena.

Capricorn: The opportunity to learn key aspects about your ancestors has arrived. This Leo energy may have you thinking about a family of your own or your family’s inheritance in relation to your legacy. Now is the time to open the hearts of your elders to gain insight on how they made a living and what assets you could be able to inherit or reclaim if they were lost from unfortunate circumstances. Expand your knowledge of who your ancestors are and realign your path to honor them now.

Aquarius: During this moon your brain may be at odds with your heart. But the opposition garners more strength if you can stand firm on your beliefs. Your philosophy on the issues in society may have caused separations between you and the people you long trusted formerly. Now is the time to either accept the differences in views and cooperate or forge a new path where like minds can corroborate alternatives strategies towards the goal. Connecting to international organizations may be a great way to make progress in this area and appropriate your passion to those who need it.

Pisces: If you have been thinking of getting involved in governmental matters, this moon can set things in motion for you Pisces. The prominence of your concern for those wrongly incarcerated or otherwise bound to institutions outside of their apparent control are heavy on your heart. It could be how the government prioritizes endangered species or rise in homelessness that drives you to connect to organizations that give you a platform to make change. Whatever the cause, this moon is giving you the fortitude to force the issue.

In all astrology it’s is important to remember that the tendency will not compel you to do anything as free will is your choice. Take what resonates and apply it to your life appropriately.

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