Pink Moon in Libra Amplifies Mercury Retrograde: April 2023 Horoscope

We’re at the cusp of the full moon in Libra and yet another mercury retrograde – the first of the new year (Spring Equinox). American Indian tribes named this annual lunation the “Pink Moon” for its early springtime blooms of a eastern North America wildflower: Phlox subulata or pink moss. But before the agitations of the retrograde onset, we have the chance to fold space and time during Aries season ahead of its “scheduled” delays. With help of the full moon happening in the midst of Maät, or Libra, now’s the chance to seal trust among lifelong relationships or lucrative partnerships.

Libra is the seventh sign and rules over the 7th house of the zodiac and its ruling planet is Venus. Symbolizing “The Setting Sun” as a Cardinal sign of autumn this moon will emphasize cooperation over competition. Full moon are time to end the month on a clean note, rectifying any open ended issues. So, it’s a perfect cosmic combination to help us neutralizing the negative effects of the upcoming retrograde and work out any kinks in our plans.

Mercury Retrograde

Ok, so Mercury will be appearing motion in retrograde in Aries from 21 April until 14 May 2023, meaning that the areas in life that rule over yourself your plans to move forward with intention may be frustrated or frazzled during this time because Mercury rules over communications of all sorts and the mental faculties.

In short, Aries season impels us to take charge of our plans while the full moon in Libra puts an question/exclamation mark on business and/or romantic proposals. However, there’s a twist; Jupiter in Aries will oppose our Pink Moon and may cause more obvious obstacles as well.


The effects of each of these three influences in April will mostly impact the timeline in which to finish your studies or coursework, contract negotiations and certainly stabilizing your romantic endeavors. So do what is in your power today and tomorrow. Be still and at peace during the full moon cycle until the 8th April. Finally if you’re considering any major purchases or legal commitments this is simply not the week to close new deals -especially during the 18 hour “Moon Void of Course” period from 8:34 am to 2:30 am EST on the 6th April, 2023.

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