Rising Sign Horoscope for Today’s New Moon in Taurus

Once per month the energy resets and shift our cosmic direction towards the sign and degrees of the moon’s position. This lunar activation will be SUPER SPECIAL for everyone because along with the Sun and Moon in the stabilizing sign of Taurus, keeping them company there are Uranus, Jupiter, North Node and Mercury as well!

Remember last month when the Scorpion Full Moon and Lunar eclipse had severed and/or transformed several aspects of our lives? Well this following new moon energy is a perfect segue into manifesting our fresh foundations.

We will look at our rising signs to help signify the areas in each of our charts that will be most affected by how we put into practice this high vibration Taurus energy. Today exactly at 11:54 am, we can honor our selves by setting our financial intentions for the next 12 months.

Aries Rising

This moon will be happening in your second house of values and finances so prepare for a sudden shift in the direction of your income or investments. This may be a lucky day to play the lottery.

Taurus Rising

This can be considered the best alignment for your deepest desires to harvest. If foundations are surrounding agriculture or real estate, you can use this energy to increase these ventures and gain.

Gemini Rising

This new moon energy is flowing in your 12th house of karma and closure. You may see a rise in your spiritual aptitude and confidence in your thinking. “Trust Your own Thinking” and mentally atone the secret traumas that used to hinder your progress.

Cancer Rising

This portal is literally expanding your hopes and wishes for the future in an extravagant manner. Focus on your social circles and friendships now. These people will be in your foundation for years to come.

Leo Rising

Leo this is your moment to shine in your career. An opportunity to set the new standard in your field or a shocking promotion can happen now. There’s also a good chance that a very important man or guru will come to aid your ascent.

Virgo Rising

If traveling is on your radar, book the trip this weekend. There’s a lucky chance you’ll meet a lawyer or some other religious leader who will be willing to help catapult your immediate goals.

Libra Rising

There’s the potential for an upset in the way you approach your love relationships and shared resources. You may feel apt to move in with your partner and begin your financial journey together. There’s a major shift in your romantic position and growth in intimacy.

Scorpio Rising

Marriage talk is definitely on the table here. You could fall in love at first sight lol. The goal during this moon is to be stable in your mind to manifest the partner you always dreamt about.

Sagittarius Rising

Jupiter and new moon in the same house of your house of service is the perfect alignment to start your fitness or health consciousness business or blog. Start the YouTube channel and use this energy to create wholesome systems that you can create financial value with.

Capricorn Rising

This is a fun time and the joy between you and your loved ones can be expressed through luxury. Grab tickets to see an opera, a broadway show or a high profile grand opening this weekend. Here’s your chance to broaden your horizons and set a new standard for your grand lifestyle.

Aquarius Rising

Home matters are prevalent however with commitment you may manifest success in your home business. The foundational values that attuned sense of feng shui at home are expressed. This ultimately sets you up for more success because your (studio) or home office is “camera ready”.

Pisces Rising

If you and your siblings ever thought of going into a business or nonprofit together, this is a great opportunity to launch a successful venture. Place the intention and make a commit to achieving a greater sense of community together. This of course is not limited to blood siblings. Increase your faith and watch the fruits grow.

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