Pink Illuminance’s 2020 Top Five Holiday Gift Guide

Congratulations! We’ve finally and successfully made it to our favorite time of the season — whether through so called “shut downs” or much needed pauses of the hustle and bustle lifestyle, the holiday time always raises a cheerful Spirit in the right time! We had another chance to test and review a few of the best gifts for the entire family again, and wish you a wonderful time in giving and sharing to spread LOVE.

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‘Feel It In The Air’ Singer MJ Songstress To Perform Hit Record ‘Dame La Noche’, Virtually at the I Am Woman Conference

(New York, NY) V-Records, a division of VME, announces MJ Songstress‘ “I Am Woman Conference” performance on September 26th and 27th. It’s one of several fall event appearances slated for the recording artist, who’s R&B and Latin dance hit, “Give Me TonightDame La Noche,” is rising on the streaming charts.

Her breakout performances on Beanie Sigel’s hip-hop anthem, “Feel It in The Air, “ and Kumbia All Starz’s “Rica y Apretadita”also proved MJ’s hit-making abilities are steadily increasing throughout Her career.

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[LISTEN] Badu-ssy?! Erykah Badu Spills on Vaginal Inspiration for Her New Incense and Goes In on Ricky Smiley’s Mom

Erykah Badu Tells The Rickey Smiley Show Why She Created Incense That Smells Like Her Lady Parts

“It’s called Badu…- i can’t say it on the radio i don’t think because my grandmother not sleep – but it’s called “Badussy”.

While true fans are akin to the Houston songstress’ mystic titles and unicorn endeavors – like ‘Fat Belly Bella’, aka ‘Badulla Oblongata’, aka ‘Sara Bellum’, aka ‘Analogue Girl in a Digital World’, aka @FatBellyBella, aka ‘SHE ILL’, and ‘Manuela Maria’ Mexico’ – newbie fans now have the chance to experience her divine feminine essence by ordering her new incense fragrantly endowed with the aroma of Erykah’s (many pair of) panties!

The singer spills on the Rickey Smiley Show that she has been experimenting with this scent for a while. As a mother of three and certified Doula, Badu is a Master of the Feminine arts.

“Yea and you walk in a room and have this kind of aroma, it makes everything in the world right!” Badu.

Back in 2014, Badu famously let her secret to a sweet tasting vagina…

When asked where she got her inspiration from [at the 2:34 mark] a witty Mz. Badu charismatically details how “Ricky’s mom did” and that they had met in the penitentiary back in ’88 when they were ‘doing numbers’. This interview is a MUST listen as Erykah and Rickey exchange hilarious stories of encounters with each other’s Mothers!

Check out the (7 min listen) here:

Interview: DC Beauty Expert, Ja’Nece Bradford, Talks Breaking In and Building Up the Beauty Industry

Words by: Dominique Clark

Washington, DC based Beauty Expert, Ja’Nesce Bradford has undeniably created multiple lanes for herself as a successful Makeup Artist and Hairstylist. From NBC Universal to the NBA, from bridal to special effects, Bradford’s extensive experience has landed her clients such as TD Jakes, Maxine Waters and Bill Nye (yes, the science guy).

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Pink Illuminance Top 5: Essentials for the Holidays

Each year the season of giving appears to cycle around faster and faster. This year, we are sloooowing things down to honor the family. Giving and exchanging of love-filled energies is an automatic prerequisite for reconnecting to our loved ones after a full year has flown by.

We’ve sampled some of the most innovating, unique and uplifting ideas to help gift or entertain your family during the holidays this year. Here’s a look at our top five favorites and bonus tips…

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Top 5 Skincare Must-Haves Before Winter

By: Charde Rene

Fall and winter colors are to live for but you shouldn’t feel like you have to sacrifice supple skin to endure the elements and get outdoors. Skincare is important for the winter/fall because the weather is dry and brittle it’s not providing any moisture to your skin like it does in the summertime.

Here are some skin care tips to keep your skin moisturizer and winterized.

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