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Copy of IMG_4801Leslie Monet, IG: @lesliemonetpr

Leslie Monet, is a budding businesswoman and lifestyle blogger native to New Haven, Connecticut and currently domiciled in the Los Angeles territory. Grasping attention of hometown fans to the most remote viewers internationally, her writing strives to demonstrate with humility the blueprint of success for a millennial woman in today’s America.

With a chief goal to distribute ‘the good news’ to urban communities globally, Leslie’s passion for the divinely melanated people, transcends words and inventive aesthetics throughout the web.  More so, she wishes cultivate and inspire true movement of her peers, and generations thereafter, towards chasing their dreams to no end, however, aligning them with their soul’s purpose.

Leslie Monet is on a non-stop mission to invade her reader’s viral library with raw, uncut reports inspired by the greatest artistry around the world. Leslie credits her unmovable drive and focus to her posterity (seven-year-old twins and two year old baby), who singularly inspire her work as she desires to demonstrate the gold and silver lining of parenthood, honoring our foremothers and fathers, and living as close to one’s true self as possible.

tonya-tolson-headshotTonya Tolson,  IG: @prettyzeta 

Tonya Tolson is a native of Trenton, NJ now residing in Charlotte, NC. She has been writing for blogs for several years. Her first published blog was for The Daily Mocha under the leadership of China Osaka. She then moved to North Carolina and began writing for Yes We Rise under Nicole McLean. She has been with the Pink Illuminance family since 2016.

Special Guest Blogger of the Month

Lakeisha Ross is a Martinsville, VA native who currently resides in Greensboro, NC. She is the mother of two beautiful girls, Taliyah and Toni Skye. Lakeisha who is known by Kei (pronounced Key) began actively blogging December 2015. She has been a correspondent for Lets Talk Hip Hop as well as her personal site KeepingupwithKei. She has interviewed Dutchess of Black Ink, Toya Wright, Nia K from the Rap Game and a host of other celebrities.

LaKeisha is very active with women’s empowerment and has began organizing and hosting Women’s Empowerment Brunch’s. She recently started a multi city tour that will extend through Greensboro, Charlotte, Atlanta, Houston, Baltimore and Va Beach. Her instagram is: crown.me.kei and current blog website is www.keepingupwithkei.com When she is not blogging, Lakeisha is a supervisor with Labcorps Corporate front end billing department.


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