Time Travel During the Full Moon in Virgo

7th March 2023 at exactly 7:40 am EST marks the last full moon of this winter season as we prepare for spring equinox — what most indigenous people consider the new year. Those privy to the magic of the moon can take advantage of its energy portal providing a mirror into the past six months.

American Indian tribes considered this lunar cycle the “Worm Moon” which signifies the ending of the stillness of the cold season and rebirth of nature as critters and animals begin to rear from their nests. While new moons set the tone for the following 30 day cycle, full moon gives way to closure. With the moon in Virgo we have the emotional intelligence to travel through our inner universe to bring closure to what we manifested since the last new moon in Virgo back in August 2022.

Mental Aptitude

Mercury, ruler of both Virgo and Gemini, plays a vital role in the inner workings of our immune systems (internal effect) and the systematic workings of our community environment. This moon gives us the clarity to see the patterns of the previous six months with 20/20 vision. Pay attention to your dreams and the synchronicities that occur during the day before and after the full moon. If you have been successful in manifesting your goals, use this portal to dot the “I’s” and cross the “T’s”. Otherwise, you will be able to see the “devil” in the details and complete the processes that went undone since last year.

Pivoting Towards Peace

While the moon governs all things feminine, men and women both are affected by the duality of human nature. This full moon is presenting an opportunity to communicate with our inner world, download from the Akashic records and finish the work before a spiritual graduation arrives in Spring. If you are usually hesitant to write, speak or share your thoughts, this moon encourages us to open the throat chakra and express ourselves with compassion for the sake of moving on to the next chapter.

Closing Thoughts

Do your best over the next few days to make clear where you stand in your relationships. Place the proper punctuation on aspects of your everyday interactions with your female friends, family and colleagues or any collaborative relationship that needs to be reorganized for optimization in performance.

Avoid starting a new project until this moon has reached its new moon next phase in Aries on the 21st. Finish with the people, places and things that you committed to during the last several months and prepare yourself by cleansing internally (detox mind, body, spirit) to make way for the Spring of a new chapter.

Give thanks in written or spoken form, relaease and relax during this high tide.

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