It’s Toni Braxton’s Birthday! A Horoscope Forecast for Love Life After 50

We talked a little bit about how Firdaria readings can illustrate a thematic picture of our entire lives starting from birth in our article featuring J. R. Smith last month. Considering Toni Braxton’s incredible journey thus far, it’s only right we take a look at what the R&B diva’s lifestyle has in store for her after 50.

Despite critical health concerns, Toni seems to only get better with age; which is even more awe-striking since the singer’s career blossomed during the height of the Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey era. At the tender age of 54 this year, Toni is settling into the beginning of her Venus Firdaria Period which lasts about seven years. Although this is only an estimated horoscope due to the lack of an exact time for her birthday, the past and current events are pretty spot on for an accurate night time interpretation.

via Toni Braxton’s Instagram (7th August 2022)

During our Venus period, all things beautiful and harmonious are primal goals. For Toni, this period would have begun on her solar return last year (2021). The evidence of her being in a Venusian life theme stands out with the launch of her beauty and skincare line with Ulta appropriately named “Nude Sugar”. You really can’t get anymore Venus that that!

Toni Braxton’s Mom tweets happy birthday to her first born

Throughout the next seven years, we can expect Toni to also bring prominence to her love life during this time. Although she’s had an up and down relationship history in the past, now is the perfect time for her to align with the universe and set the tone for a lifelong romance for Toni. According to Nicki, to date, Toni’s forbidden love affair with Cash Money’s Birdman has yet to formulate a concrete union in the public. One thing is for sure and two are for certain – the loyalty of a Libra and Toni embodying ultra-goddess-energy can only lead to a new flame in lover’s lane, one way or another.

Anyway the chips fall for Toni until 2028, it is bound to look and feel like paradise. We are here for it! Enjoy your special day Ms. Braxton ♎️🎉

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